01 August 2006

Sunset in Bongao, Tawi-Tawi

Been in Tawi-Tawi for a week unfortunately the weather wasn't cooperation the whole time. I got the chance to shoot this sunset pix during my last day in this gorgeous island!

27 June 2006

Sleeping beauty

Took this shot at a boat en route to Lamitan, Basilan today. This old men was travelling alone from Zamboanga City. I was seated in front of him and saw him sleeping like a baby, it was a perfect moment and this shot made my day!

26 June 2006

American dream

Its been a while since my last post, got occupied with coverages down south.

Here's one of my favorite shot taken at the american camp in Jolo Sulu. I was on my way to the washroom when I saw this scene, but I was hesitant to shoot cos there's a rule inside the camp that no picture taking is allowed. While inside the washroom, I said to myself that I will not miss that shot. Before I left the washroom, I took a peek making sure there's no one in the area. I walked casually, turned my direction to the scene and click 2 frames and there I have it!

10 May 2006

Precious Minerals

A close-up view of Gold dust under a 10x magnified lens.
Pure silver grains freshly extracted from the mountains of Canatuan.
An employee of a foreign mining company welds the pipe at the ball mill area.

05 May 2006

Can anyone identify the fish?

I was on the chopper ride back to Zamboanga from Jolo, this trip was kinda different from my countless chopper ride. I saw dolphins! And just a few meters aways are flock of birds presumambly eating the leftovers of the dolphins. I was so amazed that I got stupified(a term i learned from mother Julie) and forget to shoot even a singe frame! Grrr...

Anyway, somewhere around the Basilan boundery i guess, I saw this pumpboat. I have this thing of shooting from the chopper using my plastic but incredible Lumix camera, packed with 432mm maximum focal length compared to my heavy DSLR camera lens 80-200mm max. After I took the frame, I previewed the pix and zoom to see more details of the subject, I was surprised to see a big fin with its body cover!

(Click on the image to enlarge)

Can anyone identify the fish by the look of its fin? I wish its not the kind of fish or shall I say mammal I just saw earlier! :(

I intentionally did not put a film frame around these pix so maximize view is preserved when enlarge.

04 May 2006

Zamboanga City's majestic sunset

(Click on the image to enlarge)

Fishing boats locally called as "basnik" is backdropped by the orange hue of sunset in Zamboanga City. The boulevard is the best place to view the sunset while sitting on the bench and gasping the fresh sea breeze.

03 May 2006

Spare tire anyone?

Cebu Pacific flight no 5J393 from Davao got its two rear busted after touch down at Zamboanga City International Airport today. Local Air Transportation Office(ATO) has been complaining that the runway badly needs repair but only 300 pails of asphalt was sent to temporarily patch the potholes.

Thank God no passenger were hurt. Thanks to Leah Bugtay who was one of the passenger on the plane. She called me up informing me what happened. My aunt Lubing was also one of the pax!