27 June 2006

Sleeping beauty

Took this shot at a boat en route to Lamitan, Basilan today. This old men was travelling alone from Zamboanga City. I was seated in front of him and saw him sleeping like a baby, it was a perfect moment and this shot made my day!

26 June 2006

American dream

Its been a while since my last post, got occupied with coverages down south.

Here's one of my favorite shot taken at the american camp in Jolo Sulu. I was on my way to the washroom when I saw this scene, but I was hesitant to shoot cos there's a rule inside the camp that no picture taking is allowed. While inside the washroom, I said to myself that I will not miss that shot. Before I left the washroom, I took a peek making sure there's no one in the area. I walked casually, turned my direction to the scene and click 2 frames and there I have it!