29 April 2006

Porcupine fish anyone?

Not your typical fish in the market?

19 April 2006

Return of the natives

A mother and children deported from Malaysia, arrives at the local wharf in Zamboanga City.

Hundred of repatriates arrives in Zamboanga City, twice weekly as Malaysian government continues to send back illegal immigrants.

17 April 2006

Peek a boo...

I saw this school girl during a medical mission conducted by the US forces at Mindanao State University in Jolo Sulu last 25 February 2006.

I rushed to this part of the school after I learned that some US soldiers are giving away yoyos to school children unfortunately they ran out of yoyos and this little girl is still hoping to get one.

RP-US window

16 April 2006

Making of a destruction

A bottle with ammonium nitrate and a little potion makes up a destructive dyanamite used for illegal fishing. Despite declation aimed to stop illegal fishing, the Philippine government has little political will and insufficient incentives in favoring conservation and even less for enforcing the rule of law.

15 April 2006

Illegal Fishing

I took this photograph last 13 April 2006. Its just a sneak peek of my series of images taken as part of my documentary feature on illegal fishing - Dynamite Fishing.

Wat a relief!

At last, i was able to change my banner! Honestly, it took a while to get it right. Anyways, just seat back and more to come!

Test blogging

Today, I finally decided to create a blog. Though i wont be posting much yet till i find my perfect template for my blog... Hope I'll find it soon...